Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.
Lady Boss Empire

Ready to go from Lost to Lady BOSS? Get tips from the top on how to crush your fears, build your faith, & live the life you’ve always imagined!

Lady Boss Empire

Lady Boss Empire is a faith-based empowerment platform & resource center to equip women to run after their goals & dreams.

Our mission is to empower people to live out their best life & give them hope that they can do more and be more than they thought was possible.

Stefanie Peters, best-selling author & keynote speaker, travels throughout the U.S. delivering a power packed message that liberates women to take ACTION on their God-given potential.

Our heart beat is to see women flourish in ALL areas of their lives.  Through Lady Boss Empire, we help women achieve total wellness; physically, financially, personally, & environmentally.  

We Host Dynamic & Exciting Events:

  • Unleash Your Lady Boss Life
  • Goals, Dreams, Attitude, & Success Seminars
  • Vision Board Parties
  • From Lost to Lady Boss 90 Day Challenge
  • Financial Peace University
  • Lady Boss Bootcamps
  • Lady Boss Barista Bashes

We are a dynamic group of women that are here to help you achieve your goals in business & LIFE!  We believe that when we work together as a tribe we are unstoppable!

Lady Boss Empire

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, or straight out flatlined? I have DEF been there!

This last Summer was a rough one, but through it all remember God has a BIGGER & Better Plan than you can imagine! Tune in to hear my SECRETS to get Unstuck ❤️ Let’s get after it 🔥😎🔥 #BossBold
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Please help us CONGRATULATE this Powerhouse Proverbs 31 woman!

Nicole Bella Remini earned Lady Boss of the month in DECEMBER! She has such a HUGE heart for equipping women to step into their greatness. We are honored to be teamed up and creating this huge movement TOGETHER!

Here are some words from the Boss Babe herself, “We are parents to five children and enjoy life! We travel often, give back more. Our hearts and foundation is based in love of Jesus.

It’s very important that Mike and I serve people on so many levels. We do disaster relief all over the country, we work with the homeless, the Boys & Girls Clubs and recently I spent a week in Guatemala building schools.

The Wellness Company came into my life by accident. Stefanie Peters and I were friends, I was/am in a network marketing company and she recommended a product as all of my travel was bringing on more migraines... my age could have something to do with it too 😉

The wellness line helped so much that I had to share it with others.

We are very excited to be on this amazing team. We truly decided to jump in with both feet. Stef gave me a number and I went for it.

The Peters’s are amazing leaders and we as a team have kept them very busy in the month of December. Looking forward to what God has in store & empowering people along the way - Very excited to own 2018!!”
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Happy NEW Year Lady Boss!!! My Challenge to you TODAY is to Channel your inner Wonder Woman 💪🏻❤️

Dream while you are AWAKE! DREAM Big because small dreams have no magic ✨

What does your life look like ONE year from now? VISUALIZE what your ultimate BOSS Life looks like, set GOALS accordingly, and CRUSH them! Let’s DO this 💃

PS - Would you like some guidance on HOW to set goals via my podcast? Type YES below & I will create an episode to guide you through how I build my POWER Plan for the new year!

PSS - Cheering you on ALL the way sister!! #UnleashYourLadyBoss
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This JUST IN!!! A division of Lady Boss Empire is running an EPIC Promotion for a chance to WIN a weekend trip to FLORIDA! This is a complete Boss Babe Getaway including a beachside photoshoot, a fabulous excursion, & an incredible memory making trip with the Founder of Lady Boss Empire! We are looking to empower a few elite Brand Ambassadors to represent our wellness division.

Whose ready? 6 months from TODAY you can be in a COMPLETELY different space mentally, spiritually, and financially! But you have to take ACTION to make your dreams a reality!

We are looking to equip some Lady Bosses to do just that! #PrivateMessage us - Serious inquiries only! Calendar is filling up! We want women who can make decisions on the spot as we are moving fast & have no time for wishy washy! #BuildAnEmpire Stop watching all these successful powerhouse people admiring their lives…. YOU CAN HAVE THAT LIFE in 2018!
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The Boss Life Podcast is LIVE on I-Tunes!! You ready to make 2018 your BEST year yet? Join me - Let’s DO this Lady BOSS 🎉 ... See MoreSee Less

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Meet the Lady Boss Tribe

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