Wellness Was NOT My Jam.

As I was growing up, exercising and eating healthy was not on my priority list.  And I felt like I could never be an athlete because I was uncoordinated.  I struggled to breathe because I had such severe asthma & allergies.  When I hit High School, my guidance counselor suggested I join cross country to meet friends.  

Running for “fun” sounded like the last thing I wanted to do, but I gave it a shot.  The cross country team introduced me to a team of friends that jump-started my Wellness Journey.  This life changing experience taught me how to connect with others and grow stronger together.  

I was completely hooked on empowering my teammates to run their best race and live their best life.  My Junior Year, I won the prestigious award “Most Inspirational Runner!”

Coaching Dale Carnegie?

In my Senior Year of High School, I took the Dale Carnegie Course.  To my surprise, they asked me to coach the program as a 19 year old.  What an honor!  I remember when a specific woman walked into class with her head down, as timid as a mouse.  I took her under my wing and did some extra one-on-one coaching.  After 12 weeks, she stood up and gave an incredible final speech!  I was overjoyed for her and felt so fulfilled that as a group of coaches we were able to give her the gift of self-confidence.  Helping her taught me how much of a difference I can make in people’s lives.

Fitness Goals
Be a Lady Boss
Financial Goals

Meet Stefanie… aka “powerpeters”

Meet Stefanie Peters


Purpose Driven
Unstoppable with God’s Help
A Leader of Leaders & Love my Team
Equipping Women to Succeed in Business & Life
Blessed to be a Blessing
Jazzed about LIFE!


God has put me on this earth to leave a legacy of hope!
To be inspired is great… to be an inspiration is phenomenal!
YOU are created for Greatness!

I Wanted To Blaze a Trail.

Investing in Real Estate has intrigued me for years.   But there was one small problem, I had NO money to invest.  What were my options?  I was 18 years old, no prior business experience, and attending college.  A successful mentor of mine introduced me to an Inc 500 company.  I decided to partner up.

I thought I had found the easy road to success.  

Oh how wrong I was.  The first six months I was going nowhere really fast.  Then one day I hit rock bottom, and had to choose to stand the heat or get out of the kitchen.  I chose to stand.  That was the catalyst for taking control of my destiny.  I started to achieve the dream life on paper, but yet something was missing.

MY FAMILY “The Peters”
An Encounter at the Java Joint.  

I met Allison for coffee and thought I was going to equip her to live the life of her dreams, but in turn her friendship opened my eyes to what life is all about.  Within 6 months, I was able to help her quit her full time job and stay at home with her son.  In turn, she taught me to enjoy the journey, embrace every moment, and have a blast along the way.  

Allison flew out with me to New Jersey as I was doing a keynote speech.  After the event concluded, we had dinner on the boardwalk and discussed all we had accomplished together.  She told me that as much as she appreciated the income, the woman she had become on the way to the goal far outweighed the monetary gains.  We were inspired to teach what we had learned to other women and that is where Lady Boss Empire was born.  

Since then, I have become a certified
John C Maxwell Leadership Coach,
nationally recognized keynote speaker,
& author of the book
Unleash Your Lady Boss

I am so passionate about breathing belief and hope into people that feel stuck & break them out of their plateau. It’s such an honor to team up & equip them to write their new chapter & live out their greatness. I believe when you are fit & are living by faith there isn’t a limit on what you can accomplish in life.

Are you feeling dissatisfied in your current work situation? Passionless? Are you looking to supplement your income while having the time freedom to enjoy your family?

What if you could be able to work when you want to work with women that inspire, motivate & equip you to run after your goals and dreams?

Most successful people look at everything that comes their way.  Shouldn’t you?

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